Used Heart Salesmen

by Darko...You Haven't Heard of Him

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When the heart you have is broken, and you feel all alone, come visit us, and we will get you set up for the low-price of free-ninety-nine! That can be paid in two simple payments, along with one payment that will be complicated as hell. The address will be wrong, the customer service line will be disconnected, the postage will be the incorrect amount, and finally, the postman will be run over on the way to deliver the payment. (Thanks Mitch Hedberg).

Yes, we are the Used Heart Salesmen, and when you need a fixer-upper for the one you possess, now in a total loss, we will get you set up and out the door for just free-ninety-nine!

Do not read this fine print!!!


Evan Souza is DarkoTheSuper, who wrote the lyrics and provided his rhymes and vocals for this project.
Rick Matheson is You Haven’t Heard of Him, who is responsible for composing, arranging, and producing the noise.
The final product was then mastered by the ever-generous Adrian Gonzalez at ProMaster (
Conflict, who dropped his verse on “If You Won’t Hear Me,’ can be heard at

Evan: I'd like to thank God for obvious reasons, My parents for supporting me, My girlfriend for loving me, Richard Kelly for creating the greatest movie of all time (Donnie Darko), MF DOOM for his beautiful music and teachings, Eyedea for his words and philosophy and reminding me to smile, Madlib for his inspiration, J Dilla for changing the way myself and others perceive Hip Hop and music in general, Kurt Cobain for his influence, Bill Hicks for showing us how to love and play from our hearts, Frank Zappa for many reasons but mainly because he are what he is, Blu for playing Jesus, ODB cos there's no father to his style, Grady for being hella cool and supporting us, all my friends and family ever, and Rick for reaching out to do this E.P. To anyone I forgot to mention, all apologies. Peace.

Rick: Thanks for endless repetitive noise-listening as that noise becomes a beat and being the Star that graces my world with life-giving warmth and light (Holly), for always being on-point with the rhymes and not slacking on getting back to me or working when work needs to be done and being open-minded and receptive to input while giving it when needed (Evan), for picking this up and releasing it and putting faith in us (Grady@Curious Absurdities), for the countless cycles and noises and errors I tossed at you that you took like a champ (My PC), for putting me here (My Family), for being the main reason I opened up my music software again after a long-time away (Chris), for ever listening to any music I've done (Anyone That Has), and for all the fucked up shit you did to my life that inspired a lot of this album (The Year 2012).




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