Thank You Jim Cunningham

by DarkoTheSuper

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"The 19-year-old Pennsylvania-based human hip-hop experiment Evan Souza AKA DarkoTheSuper invites you on follow him on a bold and warped quest through aural space with Thank You Jim Cunningham.

There’s something about this dude DarkoTheSuper that is so strange and flipped out, yet at the same time, it’s this very quality that keeps me coming back to the homie’s music. Born one year shy of a score ago, The Super is lyrically gifted and completely fearless on the mic, doing whatever – and I really mean whatever – comes to mind. Thus, there was really no way to prepare for Thank You Jim Cunningham outside from securing the album, loading it up in VLC, then pressing play. The tape starts off with the rugged track Based Freestyle. Based is unapologetically grimy and the flow is deliberately psychedelic and warbled. After a dark introduction, the groove opts for the uplifting Dilla Dawg Is The Illest, a tribute track to the late legend J Dilla. It’s here that my overwhelming curiosity about Darko’s formulaic cadence intensifies as I start to notice that he opts to do all of the weird sound effects with his voice rather than rely solely on digital manipulation. Some people couldn’t get away with this approach at all but DarkoTheSuper does. Rhythmically, it’s worth noting how he dances on tracks with a style very reminiscent of mewithoutYou frontman Aaron Weiss‘. Darko is totally free-ranging and the spoken word influence on his raps is infused and executed with magnificent equanimity.

The track following all that up is the first showcase of Darko’s really interesting emotive tracks. Gratitude is undeniably poetic, sincerity dripping off of every word slowly like running honey. The beat is exceptional as well, slamming and beautiful. Darko’s flow here is hard and daring while his lyricism is relentless and commands incredible attention. The aural beauty continues with the butter-because-I-love-it groovefest entitled Breath for Breath, remixed by BLKrKRT. The flow from The Super is strange and smooth; bucking the trend of unrelenting poetic prose from the last track. Breath for Breath is one part gritty street imagery of a violent confrontation, one part pensive social commentary on poverty stricken and desolate areas in which people struggle day to day, which makes the song a rather intriguing listen overall. I then arrived at the album’s best track: I Don’t Know Anything. I haven’t got a Scooby Doo where the producer Silly Mane got the inspiration to make something heavier than heaven and hell combined, but it’s most welcome. Combine the track’s warmth with Darko’s laidback and slightly slurred pentameter, I Don’t Know Anything is thoughtful and gorgeous. The relaxing vibes continue on via Super Soul – an languid and inviting track – before taking a vicious turn in the chilling and demented banger Evan’s Got A Gun. Lyrically, Darko’s verbiage feels like it came right out of a sick graphic novel, complete with all the gory details. After a quick stop off on the exotic electro-jazz clash experiment The Great Fall, The Super gets his 90s cypher on with the hypefest known as Darko Rules. Complete with a neckbreaking loop, I get the impression Darko is channelling his inner MF DOOM. As ever, the lyricism is on point and the flow is raw and adventurous.

Even more sensational lyricism is on display via Knock Em Out The Box. I couldn’t help but love how the flow is rebellious and makes its own rules on the track. Up next is the wonderfully downtempo and provocative Abstract where the narrative comes equipped with a rather striking twist. Arcade Dreams is the last musical track on Thank You Jim Cunningham and it’s an lengthy epic that takes a simple and clever flip on the classic Fatlip hook that hip-hop heads know and love. The beat sounds almost like 16-32 bit computer game music and is particularly engaging. As for the flow, Darko does more than enough to send the album out in style. That’s the thing about music that comes weilding an experimental edge: for some, it comes off a bit too shrill for their tastes but listing to DarkoTheSuper generates that same feeling you get when you watch a film like Memento or even the film from which The Super’s name is derived from: it’s outlandish; its unique qualities are brutally obvious; and you can’t help but listen. As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. In closing, making the decision to listen to Thank You Jim Cunningham was akin to when Morpheus offered Neo the red or the blue pill. If you want to break away from conventions – and I mean, really break away from conventions – cop this album, free your mind, and witness imagination unchained." - The Auracle (Sampleface)



released September 23, 2013

Production: KubeS, J Dilla, ATF, BLKrKRT, Silly Mane, Ommetis, Canopy, Deflon, Smoji, Wino Willy, Alonso Flex, YHHoH.

Artwork by Darko & BLKrKRT



all rights reserved


curious absurdities Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Based Freestyle (Prod. by KubeS)
Young Darko and I'm finna run for mayor/ find me in your city hitting bitties of that pager/ riding round town in the hoopty with the laser/ this time next year I'll be flexing in the fader/ sonin' all these false saviors bitch I'm Darth Vader/ saved by that woop woop bitch Im AC Slater/ this time next year I'll be playing for the Raiders/ or working at staples stacking all that paper/ what's that in yah ear oh yeah it's the flavor/ this one for them sons with their on tongues on the razors/ in the slums on stun is the Fazers/

Whodie Whodie woo whodie whodie woo, what the fuck it do/ whole crew catch a case for some fucking shoes/ drive slow to the point that we don't fucking move/ fuck the cops reeboks with them 22's/ doo wop on the block with that silver spoon/ the sky all hung with jewels it's that killing moon/ Camilo Brillo stillo with that monkey suit/ zircrun encrusted tweezers with that funky flute/ Y'all be on some sucka shit/ ain't yah know money don't make yah rich/ I be that drug dealer fucking yo' bitch/

what a fella'/ hella chicken heads be on my jock/ rush the stage when I grab the mic and rock/ slanging mixtapes by the chicken spot/ said what's up asked me if I like HipHop/ said I like pizza son I live HipHop/ stuck in the computer I live in a box/ got every coast down patten lock/ cos yah can't yah won't and yah don't stop/
Track Name: Dilla Dawg Is The Illest (Prod. by J Dilla)
One for Jay Dee/ yah aint gotta pay me/ on the M.I.C. We gets crazy/ blow up the spot and get swayzee/ freaking all the fly ladies/ over these beats that raised me/ to be the MC you see today/ it's all in the way yah kick it/ bout to get wicked with the way I flip it/ get live with it/ for all my Detroit players/ Dilla dawg for Mayer/ gotta go and get the paper/ flip it at the record shop/ make another tape and it don't stop/ bump it in yah whip in the mix with that real live shit/ theres nothing like this/ thinking of a master plan blingin' with the cash in hand/ it's Darko with the gangsta shit/ these rhymes is dangerous/ ruff rugged and raw/ who got the gall to refuse it/ with the truth in the music/ it's my motherfuckin right to shine/ go for mine/ the light hit off the chain and blind/ swinging heavy sound like hardcore percussion/ you know we keep crushing/ that's what's up/ hella dust on the vinyl/ leave haters in denial/ get wild home skillet/ it's unbelievable Dilla Dawg is the illest/

Don't sell yah self to fall in love/ raise it up with the bass in yah trunk/ I don't think y'all ready for us/ yah better think twice/ thought you was nice/ till Dilla hit yah with that rawness straight from the cassette/ play it in yah tape deck guaranteed to break necks/ safe bet to pay jay the best/don't test yah luck if you thinking otherwise quit faking the funk/ or wake up with me taking yah dunks/ it's the brand new shit with the blend/ so real we bleed through the pen, send tingling vibes down spines/ one of a kind/ jay dee perfect the snare it ain't fair way it banged out the mp kit plus Dilla show you how to MC it/ the Thelonius vocalist/ it's like that/ make you not wanna fight back/ give it up for the most slept on/ fresh to def y'all word is bond/ wack emcees need to put a shirt on/ at least a button up/ what is up with the game/ shit ain't been the same since 86 and Kane/ and in 06 everything changed/ no one could do it like Dewitt/ Yancy flying fancy free/ Ruff Draft that's the jam to me/ and Welcome to the D/ non stop banging like a Dilla instrumental/ once again it's the incredible/ taking it back to the basement/ making em stare in amazement/ take it in the brain kid/ we get wild home skillet/ it's unbelievable Dilla Dawg is the illest
Track Name: Gratitude (Prod. by All These Fingers)
Darko the heart cold super bet he flew from the cookoo's nest/ like McMurphy in a Nick's jersey/ words seem to flow threw me/ kicking wack rappers in their ovaries/ pull a card from the jokers deck/ acting hard cos they're smoking sess/ wouldn't weigh a dart soaking wet/ I'm coming live and direct/ without a nine or a tech/ go insane counting all the rhymes that I said or the times I catch wreck/ coming with the flavor/ I'm only nineteen and I know all the words to mic manipulator/ rappers are in danger/ stepping in my chamber/ all up on my light saber while Im rocking a stage/ repping abstract to the grave/ as I travel through the maze/ in a daze/ rare form when I'm air born/ teleport off to the next chapter/ in debt to Zappa and all my heroes/ the best rapper or just another weirdo/ hear no evil/ fear slowed the evolution of people/ flip the beat switch the easel/ a dream well spent/ yah mean hell bent/ heavens scent less apprentice/ sitting by the window sketching
Track Name: Breath for Breath (BLKrKRT Remix)
Smooth like the lone criminal/ Did it to the bone gristle/ tin angel like Joni Mitchell/ homie had the pistol to my head/ all I seen was red/ I ain't hear a word yah said/ bled out in the street/ as they stole the nikes off your feet/ to the beat/ I never die cos death is the cousin of sleep/ stay awake to the ways of the world it gets shallow/ my hollow heart's tearing me apart/ went from top of the charts to pushing shopping carts/ I rock the art, drop a dart on yah mind/ no time to rewind/ I find it hard, it's hard to find/ dollar signs in the eyes of the wicked/ conflicted with the sickness/ dig it like a grave for the innocent/ in the maze of the indifferent/ flip the switch on the city/ the flames were so pretty/ they remain in their pity/ the deal went shitty/ 50 grand that's my man with the plan/ kicking the can/ it's all a scam/ damned from the jump/ hands on the pump in a slump/ but they just keep telling yah to shake yah rump/ young numb and dumb throwing rocks at the sun/ frown upon your smiling face/ smoking bones in the staircase to get away/ in a race with himself on that highway to hell/ trapped in a spell like a rat in a cell/ in the past we dwell/ and can't be changed/ chemically unbalanced in the brain/ dragging those mental chains/ till I find sanity/ no hope for humanity in its vanity/ but I'm happy cos I finally found my family they're in my head/ scared to death of life till I'm scared to life of death/ tooth for tooth breath for breath
Track Name: I Don't Know Anything (Prod. by Silly Mane)
My inner monologue got a gun aimed at my brain/
Where do you go when the shows gonna close and your living life as a stain/
Back to the motel baby gonna buy myself a whore/
In the elevator maybe I just wanna talk nothing more/
When I finally found you in that beautiful sun dress/
You were biting your pinky looking so pretty I couldn't resist/
I bought yah some diamonds I had help finding and a color tv/
Yah know I'm trying but what can I do when you won't see me/

Cried myself to sleep singing tears for fears/
It was twelve grade she worked at sears/
Track Name: Super Soul (Prod. by Ommetis)
The super soul got more flows than bazooka joe/ in the hoopty on swole/ ruby on the dash/ bumping Mash/ just pumping my gas/ this the smash of the year/ could out spin flash with the gear/ what's Aquaman to a frozen Pepsi/ we rolling ten deep/ me, myself, I, A-alike's and the beat/ makes my cypher complete/ wide awake on cyber space/ information highway/ my minds great senses are tingling/ whittling away/ in the dizzying maze/Fazers on stun/ shining greater than the sun/ pay the bum/ play for fun/ in this spinning world/ the loser wins the girl/ singing for pearls/ with a thinner smile/ than a seasick crocodile/ i ain't that scared of yah/ cause mass hysteria/ throwing bones in the sky/ they'll never know why/ no matter how much you hypothesize/ stop trying to find reasons why/ and just take the dive/
Track Name: Evan's Got A Gun (Prod. by canooooopy)
Put another dime in the jukebox baby/ playing Vance or towers love me lady/ won't yah please come and save me/ I'm going a little fucking crazy/ in the maze, dazed and confused/ afraid of the truth/ playing with the noose/ loosing all self control/ love is worth your wealth in gold/ I've been to hell and it's cold/ next on the set list blow my brains out/ the only way out/ don't condone my self righteous suicide/ blew your high/ I'm betting all my soul on red/ and I hope that everything you said comes back to shoot you in the head/ yah brain dead scum/ Evan's got a gun and he's on the run/
Evan broke the window and he's on the loose/ let's walk these dogs and represent who, you wanna be/ some dumb money tree/

Relying on a parasite/ hiding cos I'm scared of life
Track Name: The Great Fall (Prod. by Deflon)
Falling and Im never coming back/
in the darkness waiting to attack/
For love and other magical drugs/
Falling in lust tripping off the planet/
Hole in my head and I just can't stand it/
Trying hard not to think and panic/
hippy lesbians screaming in my head/
Crying tears of fears dreaming that I'm dead/
Fucked up blues system up to the red/

Sinking faster than yah blink/
Lit his wallet on fire with the kitchen sink/
Automatic candy dispenser/
Mixing business with pleather/
She got a feather in her cap/
Still Falling and I'm never coming back/
When and if I ever hit the bottom/
Mr assholes mutherfukkin' rotten/
Sticking up the world cos it owes me/
Prostitutes and guns I'm Mr Lonely/

The worst trick the devil ever pulled was not being cool at public school
Track Name: Darko Rules (Prod. by Smoji)
how many toggle switches in toe toe/ watched it on bootleg cos I'm anti social/ hold a headless chicken by the neck while I do my vocals/ Darko got the game vexed in a chokehold/ set it on fire next comes my solo/ etched it in stone then he went postal/ at first only local/ then he took it global/hunting humans on the roof with a rifle/ know the ledge like juice or get an eye full/ the designated diver/ couldnt get much higher/ chanting all hail the sire/ while he balanced on a wire/ dancing for his freedom/ came back and no one believed him/ read em weep em/ gave birth to demon seamen/ for reasons unbeknownst to him/ spat the foulest hyms/ off his lithium/ after that treated everyday like a gift for him/ micro chip/ in his fingertip/ pressing the button/ stressed over something/ fucking stuck in/ suspended animation/ wont take a vacation/ till i got lenny nero selling my tapes to the nation/ thats word to hot bacon/ stirred not shaken/ kept your skull in a jello mold/ im out bumping mellow gold/ to pauls boutique put the gear on hold/ grabbed two freaks and a beer thats cold/ feel it from your ear to your soul/ hoary for me one day I'll be paid to breath and have fake mcs slayed for free/ mind the gap/ all day and night I write rhymes and rap/ to beats with that get fresh flow/ I'll make a robots head explode/ never let it go/ a dish served best froze/ on the low low/ with the zircrun encrusted tweezers/ word shun the non believers/ not your moms weezer ya darn skeezer/ leave ya bout as dead as zed/ were you listening to me or the woman in the red dress/ Nothing left to say/ went their separate ways came back the next day wit a check to pay/ let's play spin the gun/ a lot more fun if you've won/ brain leaking out your head stained the sheets red/ as ya bled fled the scene/ with a queen/ still beer in hand/ will vs fear of the man/ wrote it in sanscript them jokes banned it /level handed in hope to anguish/ won't stop till he's known cross the planet/ for his dealings with the underworld/ kill super man rape wonder girl/ for a ton a pearls/ darko get the money like curls/ just tryna get a nut like squirels/ in this mad world/ by tears for fears/ fears for years/ pay no mind while his halo shines/ blind sparkling jewels/ darko rules
Track Name: Knock Em Out The Box (Prod. by Wino Willy)
I'm pretty fly for a white guy/ my minds dark as the night sky/ I'm coming at yah life size/ and all y'all could get it in the right eye/ write till the pipe runs dry/ bill hicks off that fungi/ little miss sunshine/ my 1, 2's nicer than yah whole crew/ soul glued to the earth spinning/ Popeyes off that spinage/ twisted up/ for anyone riffing with us/ dripping in lust/ depicted with yah wig split/ Lil bitch had to run to the piglets/ Peter Pan piss all up your Christmas in July/ fuck a piece I want the whole pie/ greedy raised on the tv/ pouring out the Ole E/ what yah know bout me/ I be that slick son of a gun/ giving emcees the runs/ when I put in my pun tape/ watch the sun shake/ rhyme till my lungs ache/ awake from my slumber/ grip the thunder and lightning/ very very frightening indeed/ we be the key/ got the game on lock/ you know the name it don't stop/ got a chain for every dame that I rocked/ come through like Mr T and light up the spot/ you stuck inside the box/ as the beats knocks for five blocks/ watch for that loogie/ slanging tapes out the Suzuki/ listen here pookey/ Darko's the most illinest rhymer/ got something for the baby's and the old timers/ shining like a hundred suns, frozen/ The Super be the one glowing/ like Christ in that Lenny Bruce skit/ I'll admit it's nice to bend the truth a bit/ but y'all some straight out fools/ wouldn't last a second in a duel against the Dark One/ flow till my hearts done beating/ son I'm the reason you rap/ now yah seeking to attack/ get blast back with that brain lapse/ take yah back to serving dope by the Arabs/ stir fry you in my wok at the Chinese restaurant/ you know my steez, get shot and never bleed/ do this shit with ease/ cold as Mr Freeze on the M.I.C/ that's word to Jet Jaguar/ the sun, moon and stars in my palm when I flip a script/yah nit wits ain't funking with this/ grip it with an iron fist as he rips out the micro chip/and breaths electronically through yah speaker/ hitting up ear drums with that deep space nine millimeter/ I'm only shallow enough to think that I'm deeper/ than y'all/ gotta make sure everything remains raw
Track Name: Abstract (Prod. by Alonso Flex)
Writing with the spirit of author Rimbaud/ I'm Alex delarge jumping out the window/ I think I'm William hicks, dropping knowledge and flipping scripts/ fuck Confucius I'm moving on/ heard your music now I'm drooping off/ you bore me to death like ray Hueston dawg/
Bob had bitch tits/ God had a spliff lit when he wrote this shit/ you know the diff'rence/ I'm bumping donuts Kool Keith and slick rick/ you probably like kid twist and don't even know Doom/ cold as a witch's tit lifted with the broom/ sell the kids for food/ weather changes moods/ third eyes glued to the boob tube/ swueegie your mind and consume shrooms dude/ tripping down the rabbit hole/ she's a magical and tragical beauty/ strictly tooty fruity/ life like a woody Allen movie/ and I'm coming out the screen/ escaping reality/ only if you believe/ floating down the stream merrily life is but a dream

Bugged out tripping flipping of the record/ mixing business with pleasure/ twisted/ vibe with it get live with it/mix it with the reverb and extra delay/ put it in yah system press play/ bump it in yah whip it's that real live shit/ from please listen to my demo to slanging instrumentals/ the track was like a thorn in his back/ born to rap and rhyme with the gods/ defy the odds/ fill in the archetypes/ spit darts on the mic/ I don't like yah shit it's too Rick rossy/ whistling willy get this bitch off me/ 57 cops and I'm Kong Fu Joe/ knock em out the box and yah moms new clothes/ y'all some bat shit crazy deadly transvestites/ Patrick Swayze and Wesley Trent Snipes/ dent mics when he grip em ha stick em/
Track Name: Arcade Dreams (What Up Darko?) [Prod. by You Haven't Heard Of Him]
Finally someone let me outta this cage/ I'm full of rage 22's my gage, 19's my age/ I be that slick son of a bitch getting rich getting paid/ back in the days when I was a teenager/ face full of craters/ Halo first player/ now I twist the flips with the filters and the phasers/ later after tech decks came the stress/ meatball heads got me all depressed/ feeling like Les they put me on meds cos I'm sicker than your average/ in this quest against the savage brain stealers/ watch me lift an 8 wheeler with a monkey on my back/ I be that weirdo getting funky on the track/ the superhero wanna be is back/ and he brought some friends to avenge with no end in sight/ him and the mic's like Peter Parker with a spider bite/ for sho' yah right/ snake eyes on the dice I just might smack yah bitch up like a pimp/ ain't nothing change but my limp/ my fist still chip rock/ y'all ain't hip hop your more kids bop/ I got a ziplock of whoop ass for you teeny boppers/ Darko's easily the show stopper/ super hoe hopper/

rock a stage in a blaze/ kick it like Johnny Cage/ oddly enough went from popping Ollie's and such now we got the fresh stuff like KK Rockwell/ wild style with the tapes to sell/ fresh out the bates motel/ psychopathic down to the mathematics they say/ what they need to do is shut the fuck up and press play/ hope yah dig it like yah own grave/ close but no case of cigars/ it's hard to find, I find it hard/ smiling at the end of this world/ the loser wins the girl in his dreams/ only to go insane cos it ain't what it seems/ put that in your pipe and choke/ that's all she wrote/ hearing voices like Hall & Oates/ hope is all but lost/ in yah heart shaped vault/ you taught me how to let go now I feel nothing/ everything ain't what it wasn't/ always something in the way/ trapped inside his own skin his personal hiding place/ afraid of this human race/ frozen like Jack in the maze/